Joomla Template Fix

Joomla offers great extensibility through 3rd party templates that are built by Joomla community across the globe. There are always extensions available for your Joomla websites that work like a charm. But at times, there is a need to customize certain features of a particular templates, fix a bug, or upgrading the templates. This is where Joomla Department can help you. 

If you need to add the  features of  shopping cart in your website like  VirtueMart or want to enhance the Social Network based on JomSocial, or simply need to fix any issue with any of the extensions, get in touch with us by filling the form below and we'll get back to you with a quick response. 

We customize and fix any and all Joomla components, modules, plugins and templates - including, but not limited to - VirtueMart, hikashop, JomSocial, K2, Community Builder, Kunena, HWDVideoShare, JComments, EasyBlog, Joomla Forms, Joomla Registration Form Extensions, Joomla Remote Logins, Joomla Events(JEvents), Joomla Reviews (JReviews), Listing components etc...

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