Joomla Design, Development and Security Services

Do you need Joomla help, but you're not quite ready to commit to one of our plans? That's okay, we understand, which is why we offer the one-off services below that cover some of the most common Joomla requests.


We are best at securing Joomla based websites. Password recovery, Joomla! security audit and Joomla! hack cleanups are some of the frequent tasks that we perform.

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joomla-website-development-services and Joomla Development service

We develop custom extensions based on Joomla's MVC framework; If you are looking to get your business model with specific needs on your Joomla website, we can help with that.

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We customize all third party extensions for Joomla and also enhance those extensions ( components, modules, plugins and templates ) to extend your Joomla based website.

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Our team of full stack Joomla designers and developers can get you an eye-catching Joomla based website at affordable pricing. Get us details here and we'll get right back to you with estimates. 

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We offer active support contracts that cover all your Joomla! needs. These packages are specifically devised for small to medium business websites, individuals, non-profit website, joomla based social networking websites, joomla based ecommerce websites and almost all other websites based on Joomla!

With an active support contract with Joomla! Department you stop worrying about the maintenance and security of your Joomla! website and focus more on your business. We will update your content and images as and when you need. We know what Joomla! version you should use, when to upgrade your CMS version, what extensions should have latest versions installed, how to solve conflicting scripts after running an update and how to block security threats from obsolete extensions.

With our support contracts ...

  • Keep your websites up-to-date with fresh content and images.
  • Maintain your professional and corporate image.
  • Get a dedicated webmaster at much cheaper monthly wages then a regular employee.
  • Get the level of security your business needs.
  • Increase the lifespan of your CMS.
  • Eliminate site issues and downtime.
  • Get assurance that your website is in safe hands
  • Get professional advide for improvements to layout and features of your Joomla! website

Following support contracts are offered by Joomla! Department, please click on a contract to read further details.




per month



per month



per month
  Sign This Contract Sign This Contract Sign This Contract
 Updates per month * 2 5 15
 Backups per month *  1 2 4
 Security reviews per month 6 per year 1 4
What are the support methods
Email Support
tick tick tick
JD Quick Ticket Form
tick tick tick
Skype cross tick tick
Screen Sharing cross cross tick
Phone Support
1 a.m. CST - 1 p.m. CST
 cross cross tick
Do I need to create a support ticket for security patches No    
   year 1 4
Free instructions to perform basic Joomla tasks. 6 per year 1 4
Free advice on hosting services 6 per year 1 4
Free analysis for site upgrades and layout enhancements 6 per year 1 4
Service Guarantee
When will we execute regular patches and upgrades Quarterly Monthly Weekly
When is Joomla Security patch applied after release within 72 hours within 48 hours within 24 hours
When will the extensions upgrade patches be applied Quarterly Monthly Weekly
When will the extensions security patches be applied after release Once a month Twice a month Every week
How many Joomla installations included One One One
What Joomla versions are covered 1.5.x/1.6/1.7/2.5.x/3.x 1.5.x/1.6/1.7/2.5.x/3.x 1.5.x/1.6/1.7/2.5.x/3.x
Which Joomla extensions are covered All excluding Virtuemart,
JomSocial, Community Builder,
Kunena, HWDVideoShare,
Auction and Directory Listing
All All
What third part integrations are covered None All All
When will the extensions security patches be applied after release Once a month Twice a month Every week
How many Joomla installations included One One One
Proactive Support
Automatic Joomla Upgrades Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Automatic Joomla Security Patches  tick  tick tick 
Automatic Extension Upgrades  tick  tick  tick
Automatic Backups  tick  tick tick 
What happens if initial response time is not met One month of FREE support added to the end of contract One month of FREE support added to the end of contract  One month of FREE support added to the end of contract 
Marketing and Promotion
Meta Tag and Keywords Enhancements 3 per year 6 per year As and when required
Google Anlaytics  tick tick  tick 
Free Google Adwords Consultation  tick tick  tick 
Free Website Promotion Advice tick   tick tick 
Free SEO Advice  tick  tick tick 
Free SMM advice  tick tick  tick 
You can pay through Paypal.
No Paypal account required
 tick tick  tick 
You can pay through Skrill  tick tick  tick 
Wire Transfer tick   tick tick 
Master or Visa Card  tick tick  tick 
General Conditions and Terms
How long is the contract valid 12 calendar months 12 calendar months 12 calendar months
What is the billing cycle monthly - advance payment montlhy - advance payment montlhy - advance payment
Can I cancel the contract at any time  tick tick   tick
Do you do partial refund for the remainder of the month cross   cross  cross
Is site restore from the hack attempts included from the most latest backup from the most latest backup from the most latest backup
Any additional Joomla support services provided Special Services Special Services Special Services
In what currency billing is done  US $ US $  US $ 
Montlhy subscription Fee $199 $275 $450
  Sign This Contract Sign This Contract Sign This Contract

* an update is referred to as a Content alterations, image updates, meta information updates to any single page on your website.

* a backup is referred to as the complete website backup including files, content databases, website layout and images.

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