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Maintenance Mode in Joomla 3.6 Site

Joomla Site Maintenance Mode

In Joomla 3.6 website you can put your site in Maintenance Mode for maintenance purposes.

Following are the steps to put your Joomla 3.6 site! in Maintenance Mode:

1. Login to the Admin Control Panel
2. In the top menu, hover over System, select Global Configuration
3. Click on the site tab
4. Toggle Site Offline to Yes
5. Select a feild from the Offline Message dropdown list, if you select Custom Message field then write a custom message which will be displayed to the users of
the site
6. You can also select an Offline Image to be displayed on the default offline page.
7. Save & Close

Now you have successfully put your Joomla 3.6 site! in Maintenance Mode.


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