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How to embed YouTube video in Joomla

By default, Joomla 3.x automatically divests out HTML and iframe elements for security reasons. If you want to put embed videos from YouTube, the following you need to remove iframe keyword from Prohibited Elements following steps: 

1- Editing TinyMCE Settings

  • Login to your Joomla admin, from the top menu, click Extensions a Plugin Manager.
  • Find the plug-in TinyMCE Editor and click on it.
  • At the top of the page, click the Basic Options Tab.
  • Remove ‘iframe’ from Prohibited Elements

TinyMCE Joomla

2- Editing Global Configuration

  • Go to global configurations from top menu, Click Text Filter
  • Go to superuser option, set it (No filtering)



3- Copying iframe Code from Youtube

  • Go to youtube and locate the video you want to embed
  • Below the youtube video, go to share an Embed video and copy all code from iframe box.
  • Click below show more button for changing video size and other options.


4- Embedding iframe code into Article

  • From the top menu go to content à Articles
  • Click on new button or select the article in which you want to embed video
  • Go to Toggle editor below the article a Click it and paste the code you copied from youtube embedded option.

That's it!!! Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with embedding a YouTube video in Joomla!


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