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How to preview an article in Joomla before publishing


While creating article we wish to visualize how the content will layout on the frontend of the website before finally publishing it. Unfortunately Joomla! doesnot provide an easy preview button in the backend artile editor to display the content behavior on frontend. No worries, this blog post will walk you through the process on how to review the frontend behavior of an article.

Approach 1

What you need to do is to change the status of the article to "Archive". Once you do that you will no longer find the article in the article manager unless you hit the Archive tab. In the archive manager locate your desired article and note down its ID present at the end of the article detailes.

Type following in your browser address bar


Replace 'your_site_url' with your website domain name and '[number]' with article ID number that you noted earlier without square brackets. Hit enter and their is how your article will look like on the website.

Approach 2

Install the following article preview plugin Better Preview and get access to a preview button in your backend editor and see how your article looks like before publishing it.



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