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List of MUST HAVE Joomla extensions


This article is intended for beginners or intermediate users to install handy plugins for normal usage of the website. Each Joomla website needs the functionalities that these plugins provide. And above all, the plugins are totally FREE. Yes, cheer up ! and install the plugins as per your requirement on the website.The list does not state the quality or comparison of these plugins in any order.

1 - JCE Editor

Every website has content and it is easy to write and manage content if we have a visual word processor to write posts. JCE is a WYSIWYG editor with a whole lot of word formatting tools. It also has a image uploader which is an easy way to plugin images in the content with proper dimension and positioning options. Moreover you have an option to switch between a HTML editor and a visual editor.


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2 - Akkeba Backup

Now a days web hosts takes up a regular backup of the websites but sometimes it is necessary to take a manual backup in the local environment. Developers often need to backup the website before making critical change in the website or upgrading the Joomla version. Akeeba backup is an awesome backup multiback up tool which allows periodic backup. The best feature is that it zips up the website files, database and content in one package.


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3 - SH404SEF

SH404SEF is a Joomla SEO plugin. With only a few mouse clicks you can make your site the way google bots encourages to be. SH404SEF allows you to create user friendly URLs for each page, search for broken links, proper page redirection option, keywords and metadata options setup for individual pages. It is a must have plugin for an onsite SEO setup.


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4 - DJ-ImageSlider

Majority of the websites have a fancy slider on the homepage. Slider makes your site interactive and also leads to better client conversion rate. DJ-ImageSlider provides an easy way to establish a slider on the home page with proper heading or tagline with the images. We can use images, articles, menus to create a slider.

DJ ImageSlider

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5 - FlexiContact

A good website is one which has a contact form. If you want a simple contact form, FlexiContact extension is the best. This extension creates a responsive CSS-based contact form which can be customized to the need of the website owner.


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6 - PlayThru Captcha

PlayThru Captcha protects your website from being scrammed. It is developed with a beautiful logic to tackle bots and crawlers from scramifying your website. Only human visitors will be entertained based on proper assessment.


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