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How to Enable Joomla Serach Engine Friendly URLs

Joomla search engine friendly URLs

If you want to indexed your website well by search engines such as Google the pages of the website have to be with worthwhile names. URLs describe a website to visitors and search engines. Google recommend’s URL of a website should be short and straightforward. That’s why Joomla department recommends using Joomla's SEO functionality.

Follow the steps below to enable for your Joomla website.

1-  Go to Joomla administration

2-  Go to Systems >> Global Configuration

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How to clear cache in Joomla 3.6?

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If developers have to make updates to the files to make a change on the website. If the developer makes modification in a file that your browser has cached, it’s going to keep serving the old, and you won’t see our most recent changes. Clearing the Cache helps to fix these issues. Follow the below steps to clear cache.

1- Go to Joomla control panel

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How to Install Gantry Framework in Joomla 3.6

Install Gantry Framework in Joomla

In Joomla 3.6 website you can put your site in Maintenance Mode for maintenance purposes.

Following are the steps to put your Joomla 3.6 site! in Maintenance Mode:

1. Login to the Admin Control Panel
2. In the top menu, hover over Extensions, go to Manage and select install
3. Click Choose File Button, select Bundle zip file and click Upload & Install button
4. If there are two seperate Framework and Template zip files first upload Framework and then Template
5. Now in the top menu, hover over Extensions, select Templates
6. Select the gantry checkbox, and click Default in the button toolbar.

Enjoy using gantry framework.


How to add new page in Joomla 3.x

Add new page

Following are the steps to create a new page in Joomla.

1- Login to your Joomla admin panel.

2- Go to Menus >>> Main Menus>>> Click on New.


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