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K2 ! The powerful Joomla! content extension


K2 is a complete replacement of the builtin article system of Joomla!. It is a powerful Joomla extension that install similar to other Joomla! extensions. You can import your articles from the default Joomla! article system and you instantly get a whole lot of new features for your existing content. Consider Joomla! articles with additional fields for article images, videos, podcasts & other audio files, image galleries and attachments. It brings a hassle-free image management environment supporting on the fly auto-resizing to 6 configurable dimensions, which can be set either globally or on individual category basis (Phostoshop image resizing is a thing of past)

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List of MUST HAVE Joomla extensions


This article is intended for beginners or intermediate users to install handy plugins for normal usage of the website. Each Joomla website needs the functionalities that these plugins provide. And above all, the plugins are totally FREE. Yes, cheer up ! and install the plugins as per your requirement on the website.The list does not state the quality or comparison of these plugins in any order.

1 - JCE Editor

Every website has content and it is easy to write and manage content if we have a visual word processor to write posts. JCE is a WYSIWYG editor with a whole lot of word formatting tools. It also has a image uploader which is an easy way to plugin images in the content with proper dimension and positioning options. Moreover you have an option to switch between a HTML editor and a visual editor.

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Module position preview on website frontend

Introduction of new template frameworks like Gantry and other has provided the user with a lot of flexibility and template ships with large number of module positions. As it provides an ease to manage content sometimes it becomes tedious to figure out the exact module position while designing the content on the site. Have a look at the default module positions that ships with the template.

It is helpful to see the module positions in the frontend of the website along with the content to gain an exact idea of real content that resides in certain module positions. Luckily Joomla! has that feature builtin and you can enable that option as described below.

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Joomla 3.5 Beta 1 Released

Joomla! has announced the released of Joomla 3.5 Beta 1 which is now available to the users to test for Quality Assurance purposes. For more details please visit this. Joomla 3.5 stable is expected to be released on 8th December 2015. To start preparing for the possible upgrade or migration of your Joomla based website, please get in touch with us by filling out free Joomla Upgrade Analysis




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