Joomla Hack Removal Service

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Joomla Hack Removal Service


$ 399.00

 For  Life Time

Get your website restored.

Has your Joomla website recently been compromised? Did you notice any unusual activity on your website? if yes, then you might had been a victim of hackers. And if they did break-in, they can steal your personal information, your clients data, and use your server and domain name to spam others and even redirect your website to unwanted destinations. Time is of essence and Joomla Department can quickly fix your hacked Joomla website for you.

Our Joomla hack removal service will remove the injected code, clean the confuscated files, eliminate the viruses and get you back up and running.

Our security experts will

  • Identify the infected files and clean those.
  • Identify and remove malware, viruses, trojan horses, root-kit* and other hacking code.
  • Identify and remove any malware that may be sending SPAM out from your server.
  • Remove the Pharma Hack
  • Review the log files of the site to determine how the hacker broke in.
  • Tighten up security holes.
  • Will provide FREE advice on other actions you can take to stay safe.
  • Will notify Google and other search engines to remove suspicion from your website.


  • Get your website up and running quickly
  • Immediate relief from the attackers
  • Security of your Joomla website restored
  • Information about the outdated extensions and the latest versions available.
  • Update of the latest CMS version ( conditions may apply depending upon your Joomla version)
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