Joomla Security Review

Get your website reviewed in detail to see if there are any security loopholes. 

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Security Review


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A stitch in time saves nice.

Are you experiencing any issues with your Joomla! website

  • Pages loading slow and fail to load at times.
  • Strange code, errors or behaviors on your site
  • Slow performance of your site?
  • Users unable to login?
  • Email being sent from your site that didn’t come from you?
  • Your site is redireting to some pharmacy related websites
  • Your site is redirecting to unknown or unwanted websites.
  • Strange or unfamiliar images on the screen?
  • If so, your website possibly have loopholes and providing backdoor to hackers and .

It’s time for a Security Review

Joomla Department can help you find out very quickly if the site has been hacked, compromised or simply having a script conflict or error of some kind. Either way we can help out and get you on the right track.

How it works

  • Joomla Department's security specialists thoroughly check your Joomla website and Database for viruses.
  • We will review the critical security settings of your server, will analyze htaccess and check for open ports and ensure the Operating system is up-to-date.
  • We'll check the Joomla Template and other files for any injections and presence of any confuscated code.
  • We'll ensure files and directories are set to the correct and proper permissions as directed by Joomla.
  • If any malware/viruses are found we’ll advise you on the next steps.
  • We advise you on important updates that need to be made to software extensions or the core system


  • Conducting a security review will give you assurance and peace of mind knowing your site is free of viruses or hack attempts
  • Any additional security measures you will take will benefit from the fact that you have first scanned your site to ensure there is not malware or viruses present.
  • If it turns out your site is hacked, you can upgrade to the Joomla Department's Hack Clean Up Service and we’ll kickout the hackers from your website and clean the code.
  • Since we already carried out this Security Review you're entitled to a Gift Coupon Code of $ 150 for your upgrade to a full Hack Clean Up (Gift Coupon is valid until 7 days after completion of this initial Security Review).

How to get started

  • Purchase the Security Review Service
  • Login to your account and Submit a Support Ticket in the Online Helpdesk and include:
    1. Domain name
    2. Server Control Panel username and password (ie. cPanel, Plesk, WHM)
    3. FTP username and password
    4. Joomla administrator login credentials
  • Just contact your hosting provider in case you don't have Server Control Panel or FTP login details. Your hosting provider will be able to provide you with these details.

Response Time

The typical response time is one Business Day and 24 to 48 hours for completion of the Security Review.


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